Alienware m15 (i7-8750H, GTX 1070 Max-Q) Laptop Review

Alienware’s first ultra-thin laptop, Alien on a dite. The Alienware m15 enters the thin-and-light gaming arena with a bang, offering Core i7 and Nvidia Max-Q power in a very svelte frame. All alienware likers just waiting for this type of laptop and dell has made the same thing which customer want this time without compromising any unique style of alienware. This time also alienware comes with up to date configration.s

In alienware M15 back design is copied from alienware r2 15 and The Epic Gray lid is still made from anodized aluminium with large backlit alien head in the center . The laptop with sharp design makes the beast look super. The top of the lid has a gentle slope while the black plastic vents along the back and Lid open to max of 175 degrees, T he plastic glossy speaker grilles and bezels contrast the otherwise all-matte look and now M15 Hold number pad also so it look much perfect for it’s thin look. For full specification click here




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