Dell laptop battery not charging [100% SOLVED]

Don’t worry. Here square measure many tips you’ll be able to attempt to fix this issue.You may not have to try them all.Just work your manner down the list till you discover the one that works.

This issue need to solved, For the user like travelers they need to work in laptop without AC adapter that time they feel bad.

The battery says it’s not charging even once there’s AC adapter connecting to their device. Let’s get solve the issue

Method 1: Reconnect your AC adapter and your battery
Method 2: Plug your laptop to a wall socket
Method 3: Try another AC adapter
Method 4: Reinstall your battery driver
Method 5: Update your BIOS
Method 6: Contact Dell support

Just Follow the Below Link for the Best solution, Solution given in below link will definitely solve the Dell laptop battery not charging problem.

Dell Laptop Plugged In Not Charging [SOLVED]

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