Gaming Laptop Buying Guide: A Guide for 2020 gaming Laptop

Gaming Laptop Buying Guide: A Guide for 2020 gaming Laptop

There will be always PC gamer which is every time premium for gamer. sometimes you just need something a bit more portable. Power to play games in a size you can take with you in 2020 year.

  • Why the people need the gaming laptop?
  • How gaming laptop performing well in all field like editing, workstation?
  • How old gaming laptop are updated into new modern gaming laptop for 2020?

2020 gaming laptop are not going to anymore like old gaming laptop. All the hardware are became tiny in size which actually reduced the gaming laptop size. Meanwhile small laptop are becoming very tiny laptop for easy portable. Even 1Kg laptop came into market.

Quick Tips

  • Choose Best GPU and CPU Combo: Right Combo will give better gaming performance. These can’t be replaceable in laptop so pick the right one based on your usage.
  • Consider upgrading parts: Upgrading hardware like RAM and Storage can be choose as per you wish and If the SSD is available which will be effective while opening game which boot much faster than Mechanical disk.
  • Choose Resolution or Speed: The fastest 144Hz displays only come at 1920 x 1080 resolution or you can choose the 4K which will slower.
  • Don’t Consider Battery: While playing the laptop should be plugin to get the better performance so no need of battery life. Waste in speeding the cost in high capacity battery.

Guide To Choose the GPU and CPU Combo

The GPU and CPU combo plays main thing in game performance. If not the right combo they leads to Bottleneck problem. CPU and GPU should be in same power to run the game smoother without FPS drop.

Let’s see some example for right combo and bad combo

  • 9th gen Intel i7 processor with NVIDIA GTX 1660ti is Right Combo.
  • 9th gen Intel i5 processor with NVIDIA GTX 1660ti is Bad Combo.

To see the detailed overview why it’s not a right combo click here.

My Suggestion: what CPU and GPU combo should i pick?

Level of GamersCPUGPU
Entry-level gaming 9th gen Intel i5 processor NVIDIA GTX 1660
Mainstream Gaming 9th gen Intel i7 processor NVIDIA RTX 2060 super
VR and the Highest Settings 9th gen Intel i9 processor NVIDIA RTX 2080 super

Other combo also chosen but check the bottleneck before picking.

What other specs should I look before choosing gaming laptop?

  • RAM: Only two option in most of the laptop 8GB and 16GB but just GB does not tell the power of the RAM. Some other thing how much MHz does the RAM have and does it have latest DDR4 systems. Choose at least 2666MHz but if it is 3200MHz it is most welcome and now most of the latest laptop comes with DDR4 system.
  • STORAGE: Hard Drive or SSD? or Both the storage, Now the trend came as giving 1TB hard disk and giving minimal 125GB SSD with laptop for better booting the lapto and also the trend of just giving 1TB SSD. Make sure you get a faster, 7,200-rpm HDD as opposed to a 5,400-rpm HDD.

What should I look for in a display before choosing gaming laptop?

  • Size: Keep in mind choosing the bigger screen will make the laptop heavier. Best to choose the 15-inch screen.
  • Resolution: If your GPU is high then go for 4K resolution and 1080p with 144Hz otherwise choose IPS panel or TN Panel with 60Hz which is enough for the mid range GPU. Click here to know about 1080p 144Hz Monitor
  • Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync: Consider this also if it available in your laptop. Add this also as a valuable point.
  • Avoid touch screens: touch screens are unnecessary on gaming laptop.
  • Back lighting: While budget gaming laptops will provide back lighting, it’s either red or white. The best keyboards have RGB back lighting which can be see only on premium laptop models.

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