Bottleneck, Need To Know About PC Bottleneck Everything Here

Bottleneck, Need To Know About PC Bottleneck Everything Here

The very popular term ‘bottleneck’ is still a mystery to quite a few PC builder enthusiasts. In this article you will learn what bottleneck is and Tips to reduce bottleneck

Bottleneck Meaning?

Bottleneck is a kind of hardware limitation in your in combination CPU, GPU and Storage you used in the computer. While running the heavy game or any software the the three hardware should be equal in speed of delivery otherwise all of the hardware of a system are not able to feed the same amount of data at the same speed, a delay is created. then your system performance is dropped by the weakest hardware of your computer.
For Example: You playing the game which is running in 60 FPS suddenly it will be dropped to 30 FPS that is called as Bottleneck.

The easiest way to explain this is as if you take a old computer with all hardware are old models and assuming it’s even work smooth if you put the very latest high end graphics card in the PC.

The PC performance is not going to slow down and the gaming performance will be improved but that card won’t reach it’s top most potential even though the high end card might be ten times faster than the old card. Because of the bottleneck you may only get a little performance increase because the CPU, memory and potentially other components are so slow that they can’t work with the graphics card at the faster rate to keep it engaged all the time.

Easy Way to check whether your system performance dropped by Bottleneck?

It is very easy to find if you using the Windows 10 just open the Task manger in that the choose the performance tab there you can able to see the all the hardware usage.

Just run any heavy software or game which can be handled by your system and compare your CPU and GPU percentage usage. Difference is high the bottleneck will be also high. For best performance the load should be shared by all the hardware.


In most of the case the user are affected by CPU Bottleneck, Meaning that your GPU sends high potential numbers of frames but which are all restricted by CPU. Let’s take an PC build have low CPU and better GPU combination.

Running the game which being rendered at 60 frames per second which is equal to one frame every 16.67 milliseconds.

As said earlier, the CPU is weaker side then the GPU will render much faster frames then the CPU can take extra time to prepare them and this right here is the bottleneck. GPU will be utilized 100% if the CPU is more powerful enough but not because of low power CPU it leaves GPU idle time here.

Let’s take that the GPU can render every frames 16.67 millisecond but the CPU need 25 millisecond to produce them for GPU which makes the idle time to GPU. Here CPU performance is not running equally with the GPU with performance this is called as CPU bottleneck.


CPU bottleneck is bad thing because of sudden FPS drop but GPU bottleneck actually desirable when it comes to gaming. What’s happening here is that the CPU is processing all the data much faster than your GPU renders it. that the GPU is 100% utilized.

The above sentences say’s that the GPU is what renders and display the frames to your computer in the first place and that it’s rendering 100% of the frames that is a good thing and it’s exactly what you want when you’re gaming.


The best way to reduce the CPU bottleneck in your PC is to stop the background program which uses the CPU usage which is very much helpful while gaming in PC.

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